VIZBI 2023 Art & Biology Runner-up Poster Award

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 29, August, 2023

The award for runner-up Art & Biology poster of VIZBI 2023 went to Model organism star map by Meata Edyta Mierzwa from Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and University of California San Diego in the USA. Congratulations on such great work and achievement!

VIZBI 2023 Art & Biology Best Poster Award

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 28, August, 2023

This year’s VIZBI Art & Biology Best Poster Award goes to Marzia Munafò from EMBL Monterotondo in Italy for her Shining light onto chromosomal instability. Many congratulations!

VIZBI 2023 Runner-up Poster Award

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 25, August, 2023

The award for runner-up poster at VIZBI 2023 was the poster entitled Visualizing brain tissue with super-resolution light microscopy by Julia Michalska, Julia Lyudchik, Philipp Velicky, Hana Korinkova, Jake F. Watson, Alban Cenameri, Christoph Sommer, and Johann Danzl from the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. Congratulations on this achievement!

VIZBI 2023 Best Poster Award

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 24, August, 2023

We delighted to share that the winner of the VIZBI 2023 Best Poster Award: it is the poster entitled Metaphor and novelty in science education visuals. The winning authors are Mol Mir, Steph Nowotarski, and Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado from Stowers Institute for Medical Research in the USA. Many congratulations!

Call for Contributions to Bio+MedVis Challenge

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 14, June, 2023

We are sharing the call for participating in the Bio+MedVis 2023 visualization challenge within the IEEE VIS 2023 conference, held in October in Melbourne. With your contribution, you can aid in finding cancer biomarkers. More details here:

[Image courtesy of Gonçalves et al., Pan-cancer proteomic map of 949 human cell lines,Cancer cell, 2022]

VIZBI online registration closes today

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 21, March, 2023

Today is the deadline to register for virtual participation in VIZBI 2023. For this year’s workshop, we’re planning several activities to make virtual participation engaging and memorable. In addition to virtual speed networking and a conference platform for interacting with both on-site and other online participants, virtual poster presenters will be able to get direct feedback from on-site participants during their session. VIZBI 2023 will offer a fantastic set of 72 original submissions – including posters and artwork combined, and with several augmented with Schol-AR. The posters will be published on the VIZBI website as the workshop unfolds next week (March 28-31).

Poster & artwork upload closes Friday

Posted by VIZBI on 7, March, 2023

Interested in presenting your work at VIZBI 2023 as a poster or artwork? The deadline for upload has been extended until this Friday, March 10 (11pm PST). Some of you may have already tried uploading your poster or artwork and encountered problems, due our server being overwhelmed. The issues have now been addressed, so please try uploading again.

VIZBI 2023 showreel video

Posted by VIZBI on 24, February, 2023

A preview of some of the stunning work that will be presented at the upcoming EMBO workshop on Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI 2023).

Publishing work presented at VIZBI 2023

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 23, February, 2023

VIZBI 2023 participants have the opportunity to publish work presented or discussed during the workshop as part of a collection of peer-reviewed articles in the ‘Data Visualization’ section of Frontiers in Bioinformatics. This opportunity could be used for a full paper based on work presented as a poster, for a commentary or mini-review summarising outcomes from a VIZBI breakout discussion, or for a design study reporting on an improved visualization based on feedback received at the workshop. Manuscripts can be submitted up to six months after the meeting. For details, read the call for papers.

On-site registration closes Feb. 24

Posted by VIZBI on 22, February, 2023

Over the past few days, several people had problems completing the registration form due to technical issues. These issues have all been addressed, and we have extended the registration deadline for the on-site VIZBI workshop by a few more days, until Friday, Feb 24. If you still experience problems with the registration form, please contact us.

Seen the VIZBI 2022 showreel?

Posted by VIZBI on 22, February, 2023

In case you missed it: this showreel video highlights some of the stunning work presented at last year’s VIZBI meeting. A showreel video for 2023 is coming soon.

VIZBI 2023 updates

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 16, February, 2023

A few quick updates on VIZBI 2023: (1) If you’re thinking of joining the onsite meeting in Heidelberg, the extended deadline for registration is next Tuesday, Feb 21; (2) There’s still time to have your work featured at VIZBI 2023: submissions for posters, artwork, and the VR Exhibit remain open until Mar 6; (3) You can read a quick summary of the workshop highlights in EMBL’s recent blog post: ‘VIZBI 2023: where science and art meet’.

VR exhibit at VIZBI 2023

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 13, February, 2023

VIZBI 2023 will feature a VR exhibit of life science-themed apps and games using emerging display technologies (e.g., virtual or augmented reality devices). If you have content you would like to include in the exhibit, please send us details using this Google Form. You can also participate by using Schol-AR to augment your poster or artwork. In addition to the exhibit, VIZBI speakers Emmanuel Reynaud and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann will showcase the use of new display devices in life science research.

VIZBI Masterclass

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 10, February, 2023

Just prior to the VIZBI workshop there will be an online-only Data Visualization Masterclass. This event is focused on practical techniques for creating insightful visual representations of complex data, and for creating compelling visualizations for communication. This is an opportunity to learn from four leading DataVis practitioners: Seán O’Donoghue, Christian Stolte, Ivan Viola, and Barbora Kozlíková. The Masterclass runs over two half-days (Monday and Tuesday, March 27-28), from 14:00-18:00 CET. Register now to be part of the VIZBI Masterclass.

VIZBI keynote speaker: Arzu Çöltekin

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 8, February, 2023

The VIZBI 2023 keynote on human-computer interaction will be given by Arzu Çöltekin, who is a professor of Human-Computer Interaction, Visualization, and Extended Reality at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). She is also a research affiliate at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, USA.
Arzu’s research interests span many fields, including information science, visual analytics, cartography, extended reality, and HCI. Register now to hear Arzu’s talk.

Schol-AR demo + Q&A

Posted by VIZBI on 5, February, 2023

Need help augmenting your VIZBI poster or artwork with interactive content (videos, image stacks, 3D models, or volumetric data)? Join the Zoom meeting on Feb. 7, 2023, 6:00pm (CET) with Tyler Ard, creator of Schol-AR. He will demonstrate the process and answer questions. To get details on how to join the meeting, sign-up on Eventbrite.

To learn more about Schol-AR, you can read the paper or watch the intro video.

VIZBI keynote speaker: Martin Dohrn

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 5, February, 2023

The Art & Biology keynote for VIZBI 2023 will be given by Martin Dohrn, an Emmy award-winning producer of natural history films. Martin has pioneered methods that reveal aspects of the natural world never seen before, such as stunning bioluminescence displays. His ground-breaking films include Mara Nights, Killer Ants, Night of the Lion, and David Attenborough’s Light on Earth. His latest film (My Garden of a Thousand Bees) has won many international awards. Register now to hear Martin’s talk.

VIZBI keynote speaker: Stefan Bruckner

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 3, February, 2023

We are excited to have professor Stefan Bruckner as one of the VIZBI 2023 keynote speakers! Stefan’s research focuses on interactive exploratory visual analysis of large, heterogeneous datasets. His many significant contributions include novel methods for illustrative visualization, volume rendering, smart visual interfaces, biomedical data visualization, and visual parameter space exploration. Register now to be part of VIZBI 2023 and to hear Stefan’s talk.

VIZBI 2023 poster

Posted by VIZBI on 2, February, 2023

We’re delighted to share the poster for the EMBO Workshop on ‘Visualizing Biological Data’ (VIZBI 2023), which takes place March 2023 at EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany. The poster summarises the speaker line-up and program, and is available in low-res and hi-res versions. Feel free to share with colleagues, or put up on your departmental noticeboard. We hope very much you can join us in March – in-person or online – for VIZBI 2023!

VIZBI 2022 Art & Biology Winner

Posted by VIZBI on 29, March, 2022

The artwork selected by VIZBI 2022 delegates for the best Art and Biology award was FUNGIble tokens by Leonora Martínez-Nunez (​​UMASS medical school, USA). Leonora will receive a cash prize of $250 dollars, a PeerJ publication fee-waiver, and have their work showcased on the PeerJ Blog.