VIZBI 2024 Art & Biology runner-up

Posted by VIZBI on 16, April, 2024

VIZBI workshop participants also awarded a Art & Biology runner-up prize to Alex Ritter from Altos Labs (San Francisco, California) for his engaging artwork entitled ‘Visualizing Killer Immune Cells with Microscopes and Hot Sculpted Glass‘.

VIZBI 2024 Art & Biology runner-up

Posted by VIZBI on 15, April, 2024

VIZBI workshop participants awarded an Art & Biology runner-up prize to Harmony Wong from Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, New York) for her striking artwork, ‘Delivery of therapeutics through Blood-Labyrinth Barrier in the inner ear‘.

VIZBI 2024 Art & Biology award

Posted by VIZBI on 14, April, 2024

Each year, VIZBI workshop participants cast their votes for the Art & Biology award, recognizing artwork that blends compelling visualization with original and engaging content. For 2024, the award was won by Leonora Martínez-Nuñez from UMass Chan Medical School (Worcester, Massachusetts) for ‘Musings on the Protein Alphabet’.

VIZBI 2024 Best Poster Award

Posted by VIZBI on 13, April, 2024

Participants at the VIZBI 2024 workshop cast their votes for the Best Poster Award, which recognizes a compelling application of data visualization to a significant scientific application. This year’s award was won by Holly Peterson (San Luis Obispo, California) for her poster, ‘Illuminating Cryo-EM‘.

Scientific illustrator job at EMBL

Posted by VIZBI on 10, April, 2024

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is looking to hire a Scientific Illustrator to join their Creative Team. EMBL is one of the world’s premier life science research institutions, and has hosted the European-based VIZBI meetings since 2010. This could be a great opportunity for someone in the VIZBI community! Learn more or apply now. Applications close 21 April 2024.

Early registration closing soon

Posted by VIZBI on 11, February, 2024

A quick reminder that early-bird registration for VIZBI 2024 closes this Monday, February 12 at 11:59pm PST. Sign-up now to hear from the exciting range of speakers at the 14th international meeting on Visualizing Biological Data (March 13–15 at USC in Los Angeles — and online)!

Early registration ends:

VIZBI 2024 flyer

Posted by VIZBI on 10, February, 2024

If you haven’t already, check out the three inspiring keynote speakers presenting at VIZBI 2024: Jessica Hullman (Northwestern U., USA), Alex McDowell (USC & 5D Global Studio, USA), and Anders Ynnerman (Linköping U., Sweden).

VIZBI 2024 showreel

Posted by VIZBI on 2, February, 2024

We delighted to share the VIZBI 2024 showreel, which previews some of the exciting work to be presented at the 14th international meeting on Visualizing Biological Data (March 13–15, online & onsite at USC, Los Angeles). Please consider sharing this video with colleagues interested in BioVis. To take advantage of the early-bird rate, register before February 12.

VIZBI 2024 flyer

Posted by VIZBI on 2, February, 2024

We’re delighted to share the VIZBI 2024 conference flyer. We have an exciting line-up of speakers for the first east-coast VIZBI meeting (March 13–15, online or onsite at USC in Los Angeles). Feel free to share the flyer with colleagues, or print out the hi-res version and put it up on your departmental noticeboard.

VIZBI 2024 registration now open

Posted by VIZBI on 11, January, 2024

Registration is now open for VIZBI 2024. To get the early-bird rate — offering a saving of up to $270 — be sure to complete your registration before February 5th. We hope you can join us March 13–15, either online or on-site at USC, Los Angeles, for the 14th international meeting on Visualizing Biological Data.

VIZBI 2023 Art & Biology Runner-up Poster Award

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 29, August, 2023

The award for runner-up Art & Biology poster of VIZBI 2023 went to Model organism star map by Meata Edyta Mierzwa from Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and University of California San Diego in the USA. Congratulations on such great work and achievement!

VIZBI 2023 Art & Biology Best Poster Award

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 28, August, 2023

This year’s VIZBI Art & Biology Best Poster Award goes to Marzia Munafò from EMBL Monterotondo in Italy for her Shining light onto chromosomal instability. Many congratulations!

VIZBI 2023 Runner-up Poster Award

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 25, August, 2023

The award for runner-up poster at VIZBI 2023 was the poster entitled Visualizing brain tissue with super-resolution light microscopy by Julia Michalska, Julia Lyudchik, Philipp Velicky, Hana Korinkova, Jake F. Watson, Alban Cenameri, Christoph Sommer, and Johann Danzl from the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. Congratulations on this achievement!

VIZBI 2023 Best Poster Award

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 24, August, 2023

We delighted to share that the winner of the VIZBI 2023 Best Poster Award: it is the poster entitled Metaphor and novelty in science education visuals. The winning authors are Mol Mir, Steph Nowotarski, and Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado from Stowers Institute for Medical Research in the USA. Many congratulations!

Call for Contributions to Bio+MedVis Challenge

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 14, June, 2023

We are sharing the call for participating in the Bio+MedVis 2023 visualization challenge within the IEEE VIS 2023 conference, held in October in Melbourne. With your contribution, you can aid in finding cancer biomarkers. More details here:

[Image courtesy of Gonçalves et al., Pan-cancer proteomic map of 949 human cell lines,Cancer cell, 2022]

VIZBI online registration closes today

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 21, March, 2023

Today is the deadline to register for virtual participation in VIZBI 2023. For this year’s workshop, we’re planning several activities to make virtual participation engaging and memorable. In addition to virtual speed networking and a conference platform for interacting with both on-site and other online participants, virtual poster presenters will be able to get direct feedback from on-site participants during their session. VIZBI 2023 will offer a fantastic set of 72 original submissions – including posters and artwork combined, and with several augmented with Schol-AR. The posters will be published on the VIZBI website as the workshop unfolds next week (March 28-31).

Poster & artwork upload closes Friday

Posted by VIZBI on 7, March, 2023

Interested in presenting your work at VIZBI 2023 as a poster or artwork? The deadline for upload has been extended until this Friday, March 10 (11pm PST). Some of you may have already tried uploading your poster or artwork and encountered problems, due our server being overwhelmed. The issues have now been addressed, so please try uploading again.

VIZBI 2023 showreel video

Posted by VIZBI on 24, February, 2023

A preview of some of the stunning work that will be presented at the upcoming EMBO workshop on Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI 2023).

Publishing work presented at VIZBI 2023

Posted by Barbora Kozlíková on 23, February, 2023

VIZBI 2023 participants have the opportunity to publish work presented or discussed during the workshop as part of a collection of peer-reviewed articles in the ‘Data Visualization’ section of Frontiers in Bioinformatics. This opportunity could be used for a full paper based on work presented as a poster, for a commentary or mini-review summarising outcomes from a VIZBI breakout discussion, or for a design study reporting on an improved visualization based on feedback received at the workshop. Manuscripts can be submitted up to six months after the meeting. For details, read the call for papers.

On-site registration closes Feb. 24

Posted by VIZBI on 22, February, 2023

Over the past few days, several people had problems completing the registration form due to technical issues. These issues have all been addressed, and we have extended the registration deadline for the on-site VIZBI workshop by a few more days, until Friday, Feb 24. If you still experience problems with the registration form, please contact us.