All conference participants have the opportunity to present a scientific poster describing their work on visualizing biological data. Immediately prior to your poster session will be a ‘Lightning talk’ session, where you have 60 seconds to introduce yourself and your work to all VIZBI participants.

In addition, each participant is invited to upload one artistically-inspired image, which will be presented during the Art & Biology event (Thursday evening). Throughout that evening, the Art & Biology posters will be displayed on monitors, and then published on the website.

To present a poster, you first need to register for the conference - you will then receive a confirmation email containing a link to the poster upload page, where you can upload your poster, an abstract, and your Lightning talk. Your scientific poster and abstract will be published via the VIZBI poster pages just prior to the conference. During the poster sessions you will be provided with space for a printed poster and a table for laptop presentations; a limited number of large LED displays are also available.

The sections below give you further details on how to prepare your poster submission and Lightning Talk, what information you need to upload, and what you need to bring with you to the EMBO Conference on Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI 2014). Information is also given on how virtual registrants can participate in the poster sessions. Please read and follow these instructions carefully to ensure that your poster presentation runs smoothly.

Poster Awards

There will be two poster prizes, both decided by popular vote: the NVIDIA award for best scientific poster and the Autodesk award for best Art & Biology poster. Winners will be announced at the end of the conference in the Poster Awards Ceremony.

Poster Submission

The link for the poster upload page will be sent to you in the email confirming your registration. For both scientific and Art & Biology posters, please prepare an abstract (single paragraph of ≤ 1,200 characters) describing your work, plus one accompanying image (PNG format, ≤ 50 Mbytes). For scientific posters the image may show your entire poster, or simply an image representative of your work. The collection of abstracts and images will be archived on the VIZBI poster pages and are openly accessible to workshop participants as well as the general public. We encourage you to write your abstract in language accessible to scientists who are not specialists in your particular domain.

For your poster to be accepted for VIZBI 2014, you need to upload your abstract, images, and Lightning Talk slides or video on or before 23:59 PST on 15 February 2014. Immediately after uploading, you will be able to preview a zoomable version of your poster, showing how it will appear on the VIZBI poster pages (for an example, see here). Please take this opportunity to verify that the title, abstract, affiliations, and poster image are in good order - if not, simply re-upload a modified version. We will notify you shortly after these deadlines in case there are any technical issues with your uploaded poster, slides, or video.

Lightning Talks

Each scientific poster session is preceded by a ‘Lightning Talk’, where you come on stage, introduce yourself, and give the audience a quick overview of your poster. Since you have only 1 minute to address the audience, you are encouraged to prepare well and be creative in order to get your message across. In preparing your slides, please note the following:

Virtual registrants should not submit images, but instead upload a video that will then be screened during the Lightning session (see below). Note that normal participants cannot submit videos.

Scientific Poster Session

After you upload your poster submission, we will send an email telling you in which session your poster has been assigned, and will provide you with a unique poster number. Please note we will not print your uploaded poster and there are no facilities to print posters onsite, so if you wish to present a printed poster, print before coming to the conference. Each poster session lasts 2 hours: during this time, you will have access to a poster board that has the following size: 1.05 m wide x 2.30 m high - this will fit an poster printed at A0 size in portrait format, but not in landscape format. Poster boards will be numbered and pins will be provided for mounting your poster. To help communicate your work, we encourage you to bring a laptop, and we will provide suitable tables, plus a limited number of computer displays that can connect to a laptop via a VGA cable. Please note that you need to provide your own laptop and possibly a VGA adaptor. When you upload your presentation and poster, you will be asked if you wish to use a computer display, and we will confirm availablity prior to the meeting. You are free to choose to forgo bringing a printed poster, and instead communicate your work via the VIZBI poster page, by giving a mini presentation, showing movies, or by running an interactive demonstration.

Art & Biology Posters

In addition to the scientific poster, each conference participant´┐Żcan upload one artistically-inspired Art & Biology poster. Entries will first be revealed during a special event as part of the Art & Biology evening (Thursday at 17:30). The award for best poster will be decided by popular vote and announced at the Poster Awards Ceremony during the VIZBI 2014 closing session. Participants are asked to judge Art & Biology posters based on how visually compelling and original they are; it may help to see Art & Biology posters from previous VIZBI meetings.

All entries in the Art & Biology category will be shown on monitors or via projectors during and after the Art & Biology event. You do not need to bring printed posters. They will be published on the VIZBI website alongside the scientific posters.

Virtual Participation

If you choose virtual registration, you can still participate by uploading an electronic poster together with a max. 60 second video screencast (format: AVI, MP4, or MOV; resolution: 1024 x 768 or smaller). See above for more information on poster submission. We will not print or project your uploaded poster; instead, it will be openly available from shortly before the conference via the VIZBI posters page. Your uploaded video will be screened during one of the Lightning Talk sessions. As it is likely that other VIZBI participants may want to contact you immediately after your video is screened, we recommend indicating your availability and including contact details (such as a Skype identifier), either in your video as part of your poster abstract.