EMBO & NIH Conference Series


2015 VizbiPlus Animation Premiere

Wednesday, 4. February 2015, 4:30 - 5:45 pm, CSIRO Discovery Centre, Canberra

Watch the archived webcast here!

The new animations are:

Christopher Hammang’s “Alzheimer's Enigma” which explores the neurons of the human brain, and reveals how normal protein breakdown processes become dysfunctional and result in plaque formation during Alzheimer’s disease.

Maja Divjak’s “The Insulin Receptor and Type 2 Diabetes”, a story about diabetes focusing on the insulin receptor structure and what might be happening in insulin resistance, based on pioneering research at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

Our speakers will be:

Prof. Ian Chubb Chief Scientist of Australia
Dr. Jim Peacock CSIRO
Dr. Seán O’Donoghue CSIRO & Garvan Institute
Drew Berry WEHI
Dr. Bill Wilson CSIRO
Dr. Mike Lawrence WEHI
Dr. Maja Divjak WEHI
Christopher Hammang Garvan Institute

For speaker bios, please see the 2015 VizbiPlus Animation Premiere brochure.

2014 Events

David Goodsell: On Making Science Beautiful

6:30pm, 29 May 2014 - Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

This event - jointly organised with Vivid Ideas explores - how science inspires art — and how art advances science — through the amazing work of David Goodsell (La Jolla, USA), as well as three new biomedical animations his work has inspired.

David's world-renowned watercolors of cells and proteins open up scope for imagination and exploration in biomedical research, a theme continued in his research, which focuses on using computer graphics and simulation to understand the molecular machinery involved in living processes.

Following David's talk, Emmy winner Drew Berry from Melbourne will show how his animation style has been influenced by David's work, and he will present the Sydney premiere of three new biomedical animations created by three apprentices he has been training. The main event concludes with a presentation of the finalists in the VizbiPlus Challenge, featuring a range of creative work inspired by these three animations.

...and then: participate!

The main event is followed by a mixer at the Vivid Ideas Exchange, located in the adjacent MCA Lounge. If your work bridges science and creativity, there will be an opportunity to introduce and exhibit your work in a 30-second "Lightning Talk" during the mixer. To take advantage of this opportunity, see the call for participation PDF.

For the creative professionals, this event provides a unique insight into the role art, animation and creativity plays outside the traditional realms of creative practice, and an opportunity to expand your work into new fields. For scientists, this is a chance to learn from an internationally-recognised master in scientific illustration, and to meet and collaborate with others in the scientific and creative communities.

This event is jointly presented by Vivid Ideas and VizbiPlus: Visualising the Future of Biomedicine, a project funded by the federal government's Inspiring Australia initiative, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research (WEHI), and CSIRO.

Places are limited, so book early to ensure you experience this unique event exploring the intersection of creativity and scientific discovery.



Unlocking the Protein Data Bank: A Masterclass with David Goodsell

8:30 - 11:00, 30 May 2014 - Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Whether you're an animator, scientist, or curious beginner with no experience with molecular structures, join this masterclass to learn from one of the world's leading biomedical artists to discover the creative potential that lies within cell walls.

David will unpack the processes and challenges of working at a molecular and cellular scale, and explore the tensions between artistic licence and scientific research in the world of molecular visualisation.

Through a hands-on exercises, participants will be introduced the Protein Data Bank, identify the hurdles that often stop beginners in the field, and learn to use JSMol tools to customise images to highlight different aspects of the molecular structure/function. Bring your own laptop for advice from David as you search for appropriate structures, then customize images to highlight different aspects of the molecular structure and function. You'll leave with a new appreciation of proteins, and a new set of skills to aid in scientific communication, and artistic experimentation.

This will be an hands-on workshop session: bring your own laptop. A fascinating insight for anyone passionate about animation, illustration, or the physical sciences. Limited to 40 participants.


About David S. Goodsell

portrait of David Goodsell

David Goodsell is Associate Professor of Molecular Biology in the Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology at The Scripps Research Institute, LaJolla, California. His research focuses on how computer graphics and simulation are used to study structure/function relationships in key biological systems. Current projects include design of compounds to fight drug resistance in HIV, and development of AutoDock, a general computational docking method. Science outreach is also a strong focus of his lab, with projects such as the "Molecule of the Month," a feature at the RCSB Protein Data Bank that presents the structure and function of a new molecule each month, and several illustrated books on biological molecules, their diverse roles within living cells, and the growing connections between biology and nanotechnology. He has won numerous awards for his artwork, including the Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, and an Art in Crystallography Prize.

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This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education in partnership with the CSIRO, the Garvan Institute for Medical Research, and the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research (WEHI)